About 4J's Earthworks

Our business, 4J's Earthworks, represents four women of the busniess; Joan, Janel, Jennifer, and Janice.

We operate a small garden center with a good variety of annual bedding plants, perennials, herbs, a selected more unusual variety of shrubs, and fruit bearing trees. Our specialty is our wide assortment of vegetable, all grown in Vermont compost potting mix. Although we are not certified as organic, we grow all our plants by this method.

We also carry products such as North country organics, Daniels plant food, and Neptunes Harvest. We also carry Coast of Maine and Kenny's potting soil and compost in bagged form. To round out the best we have pest control products to keep pests, large and small, away from your plants. To care for your garden, no gardener should be without our favorite hand weeding tool, The Garden Bandet. I personally, have tried just about every tool out there for the past 50 years, and this one is my favorite. I loke to "get up close and personal with my plants", and this tool takes care of small weeds short order.

My interest in gardening started at an early age. From the time I knew what a plant was, I had a keen interest. It all started with my grandfather, who loved showing me his extensive flower garden and having the patience to nurture my early curiousity. Growing up in a small town, Ingomar, outside of Pittsburgh, PA, my mother was also an avid gardener and had a Victory Garden during World War II. She also tended beautiful flower beds which were the talk of the town.

Although the "seed" was planted at this early age, I was not educated in the horticulture field. I graduated from Texas Woman's University with a degree in art specializing in Metalwork and Jewelry. I went on to furthur graduate work in sculpture and pottery at Carnegie Mellow, American School for Craftsman at RIT, and Syracuse University's summer program at Chautauqua Institution.

I am a member of the New Hampshire Plant Growers association, New Hampshire Organic Farmers Association, Henry Wilson Grange, and the Farmington and Eastern NH Pomano Grange.

My experience has come from many years of trial and error, attending workshops, and reading. Most of all it's an overall passion for "growing things" and a desire to always keep learning.

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